Why We Choose Generic Medication?

PictureGeneric Plavix

Why we choose generic medication? A better solution can be found in two words. The generic are "Safe" and "Affordable". Those two words have important meaning of why we better make use of the generic compared to the brand version. I'll explain each one of the definition of the two words.

Generic Plavix

The first is "Safe", what this is mean? It indicates generic drug has got the same ingredient having its branded drug, It has the same active component, usually this active component had become the generic name. But then come another question, why the look, colour, and flavor using this generic medicine are different making use of their brand competitor? This is just what we called as inactive ingredients that used because the differences between generic medicine and branded medicine, this thing is required because according to the US law the generic drug can't copy exactly the branded version. For your information, this inactive ingredient haven't any complication for your health. If one of generic drug has got the same active ingredient with that branded one, so you've got exactly the same drug effect. The thing is the generic medications is really as safe his or her branded counterparts.

The 2nd word is "Affordable", this mean that generic medicine is sold at discounted, much..much.. below its brand version. Why this might be? Based on the previous paragraph, generic medications have the same ingredient having its branded counterpart. When they have the identical ingredient the pharmacy should sell it in the same price don't you think? And the difference isn't past an acceptable limit together. Well, the answer is since the branded version is always the innovator. The pharmaceutical company make great deal of development and research to locate this type of drug. These studies and development activity spent much money and time. When the medical treatment is made they mark up the purchase price as huge as possible in addition to cover up all their past their R&D costs.

Some of popular prescriptions such as fosamax, metformin, norvasc, zocor, diovan, nexium, plavix, singulair, flomax, synthroid, and celebrex their very own generic version too.


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